• Pathfinder™ ACL System

    Anatomically Accurate ACL Reconstruction

Surgical Technique for Anatomic Transtibial Femoral Tunnel Positioning Without Hyperflexion

The Pathfinder ACL System allows a simple – but critical - modification of the conventional Transtibial Technique (TT) for femoral graft placement. This modification - termed the “Hybrid Transtibial Technique” - combines the strengths of both Transtibial and AM Portal approaches and eliminates their primary weaknesses.

Advantages of the Hybrid Transtibial Technique include:

  • Femoral tunnel apertures that achieve >90% overlap with the native femoral insertion
  • The ability to keep the knee at 90 degrees of flexion throughout femoral tunnel preparation, thus preventing the difficulties associated with hyperflexion of the knee in AM Portal technique
  • Minimal femoral tunnel angulation, making graft passage much easier than an AM portal technique
  • Tunnel lengths similar to the traditional Transtibial technique, minimizing graft tunnel mismatch
  • Transtibial reamer path eliminates risk of articular cartilage damage and posterior wall breakthrough

Published studies demonstrate that the above characteristics optimize biomechanical, kinematic and clinical outcomes.

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