Pathfinder ACL System consists of a reusable surgical instrument – the Pathfinder™ ACL Guide – and a flexible Pathfinder Guide Pin with Sheath. Together, they provide the surgeon with a unique ability to achieve anatomic femoral tunnel placement with minimal complexity. The system can accommodate any tibial tunnel aperture or orientation, is equally facile with soft tissue or BTB grafts, and is compatible with all commercially available reamers.

Pathfinder™ ACL Guide

The Pathfinder ACL Guide is a novel surgical instrument, designed specially to freely access tibial and femoral ACL attachment points such that, when the distal end is positioned properly against lateral femor condyle, the slot containing the Pathfinder Guide Pin is automatically centered on the ACL femoral footprint. The Guide is available in right knee and left knee versions with various offsets (5.5mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm) to accommodate knee sizes.

Catalogue No. Description
0170R Pathfinder ACL Guide, Right Knee, 7.0mm offset
0170L Pathfinder ACL Guide, Left Knee, 7.0mm offset
0155R Pathfinder ACL Guide, Right Knee, 5.5mm offset
0155L Pathfinder ACL Guide, Left Knee, 5.5mm offset
0180R Pathfinder ACL Guide, Right Knee, 8.0mm offset
0180L Pathfinder ACL Guide, Left Knee, 8.0mm offset

Pathfinder™ Guide Pin

The Pathfinder™ Guide Pin is a sterile, disposable, single-use flexible drill pin with assembled sheath. Made of 2.2mm diameter nitinol alloy wire, the pin is able to maintain drilling torque strength when deflected over even extreme angles. The drill point is 2.4mm diameter and is custom designed to drill straight and true through the femur despite the intercondylar deflection.

Catalogue No. Description
024GP Pathfinder Guide Pin with Sheath, 2.4mm

The Pathfinder™ ACL Guide and Guide Pin are Class I surgical devices registered with the FDA.

Product and use patents and trademarks for the Pathfinder™ ACL System in the U.S and International markets.

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